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Who we are

Established in the year 2011, we have come miles in our journey to provide a great home to you.

We pride ourselves for being transparent, reliable and we deliver products of high quality.

We respect your money and value our relation

  • Transparency

    Our titles and approvals are open for you to scrutinise. We will be transparent to you in every communication of ours. All our properties are built on the foundation of transparency.

  • Quality

    We use the best material for the price band we sell. We declare all our building specifications and would not deviate from that.

  • Reliability

    We adhere to commitments, legal guidelines and schedules. We don't want our buyers to be caught unaware when they are dealing with us.

Leading the way

Our principles and values come from the very people who lead us into the future.
Here are the forerunners of our esteemed organisation.

  • Shashidhar Pai

    Managing Director
  • Vinod Menon

    Director & CEO
  • Bharath Subbarao

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Our wide range of offerings

Jakkur lake, Nandi Hills, Hoskote and HSR Layout.
Our locations inspire healthy living and provide open spaces for your little ones to grow.

Our affiliations


What is Citrust?

An organisation based on the principle of lending a helping hand to those in need.
In our hearts we always remember to give back and be honest, which brings a smile when we do so.

We serve society with CITRUST.

Our stakeholders have come up the hard way. They have recognised the problems posed by limited privileges and they do everything it takes to deliver the solution. CITRUST is a platform that makes life easier for school going children.

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